2019    Worththerapy Exhibition by Facebook & Pyinsa Rasa, The Secretariat, Yangon

2019    Environment Day Photo Exhibition by EU,UNDP, WHO & UNICEF, Yangon

2019    'Home & Belonging': Fragile Constellation Exhibition, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney

2019 Artist Residency Exhibition, My Yangon My Home, Yangon Art & Heritage Festival

2018    Post-Repost-Share, Southeast Asia Photography Exhibition by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and PhotoBangkok

2018    Contemporary Photography & Filmmaking in Myanmar, Pyinsa Rasa, The Secretariat, Yangon, Myanmar

2017    Street Photo Milano, Milan, Italy

2017    Miami Street Photography Festival, History Miami Museum, Miami.

2017    The Burmese Photography Showcase, Obscura Festival of Photography, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

2017    World of Change Exhibition by My Yangon My Home, Yangon, Myanmar

2017    9th Yangon Photo Festival, Yangon, Myanmar

2017    Yangon Art & Heritage Festival, Myanmar Deitta Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

2016    “First” Project, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

2016    8th Yangon Photo Festival, Yangon, Myanmar

2015    7th Yangon Photo Festival, Yangon, Myanmar

2014    Yangon Foto Marathon, Yangon, Myanmar